January 12, 2010

What they're saying about the Leuer injury

MADISON - One would have thought that Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan would have walked into his weekly press conference Monday afternoon in a solemn mood after hearing news about Jon Leuer's fractured wrist.

But then again, that same person probably wouldn't have a solid grasp on the way Ryan stays even keeled no matter what the situation is.

"I don't even look at things," Ryan said during his weekly presser. "Never have with the other injuries that we've had on this team…When you're in the moment, and you've got to direct a team, and you've got to be a player on the team, and you're the one that's going to be getting some minutes, you're only thinking about one thing. What can I do to help this team?

"So we don't approach it any differently."

Instead of sulking or entering 'woe is me' territory, Ryan simply addressed the situation and had a few jokes throughout the nearly 15-minute, highly entertaining, session with the media.

Crying foul:

It didn't take long for Ryan to make his thoughts well known following the game against Purdue last Saturday in regards to the technical foul called on Rob Wilson when he said he was unaware that officials could go to the replay booth without anybody requesting it.

After getting an offensive rebound, the sophomore guard went up strong and finished the put back to give UW a five-point lead with the half winding down.

After he made the bucket, Wilson inadvertently clocked Robbie Hummel with his elbow as he ran by in fit of elation.

Ryan, who would surely be fined had he come to his presser and criticized the officials outright, took sort of an about face measure to get his point across.

"If anybody has the baseline view of that," Ryan said. "I think you need to take a look at it."

So naturally, a reporter asked what we would see?

"You'd have to look at it and say what you think," Ryan quipped.

Ryan also had a gripe about the non-call on Leuer when he attempted to go to the rim for a dunk late in the game and was nailed by Purdue center JaJaun Johnson. Again, instead of taking it out on the officials, Ryan talked about the call the announcers had about the particular play.

"I really liked the shot that he had blocked," Ryan said. "As the slow mo showed it from behind, the guy grabbed his wrist and his hand and pulled it straight back. Going up for the dunk, he was going strong to the rim. Hey, but people miss calls, I guess.

"But not to see it in slow motion and then say, 'oh, what a clean block.' I've got to talk to the announcers on that one…They must not have been looking. Do they get snacks during the game? Do people bring them food and drink over?

"Because maybe they were nibbling and they weren't looking at the monitor. Don't they have a monitor when they're doing a game? I'll have to check with them."

What they're saying about the Leuer injury:

-Freshman forward Mike Bruesewitz:

"He puts the ball in the basket real well and gives us a post presence and experience. As a whole, we just kind of came together and decided that Jon is going to be out and everybody needs to step in and fill his shoes. It's not going to be one person that's just going to come in and do it collectively. Everybody has got to try to pick up their game to help fill the hole with Jon."

-Junior forward Keaton Nankivil:

"We feel real bad for him. He's a tough player and we know he loves to play. It probably hurts him more than anything just not to be out there with us. At the same time, we know he's going to support us. He's definitely a big time team guy. It's nothing that he's going to sit and expect anybody to feel sorry for him, but just being teammates for so long everybody has a little piece of 'sorry Jon' that is the situation."

-Freshman center Jared Berggren:

"Obviously it's unfortunate for him to go down with an injury right now. A lot of times people see that as a bad thing, which losing a player as good as Jon is never easy for a team, but it does give guys like myself an opportunity where I can hopefully fill in some of his minutes and contribute to a team in a positive way. And hopefully build some depth so when he does come back, we're just that much better."

-Freshman forward Ryan Evans:

"He's a big part of our team, but we're a strong team and I feel we're pretty deep. We'll be alright and we'll pick up for his slack. We'll be fine."

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