April 10, 2011

White earns MVP honors

The Kentucky/Ohio All Star Basketball game rosters were filled with high level prospects committed to many Division One programs, including five future Big Ten players on the Ohio roster. One player walked away with MVP honors and that was future Hawkeye Aaron White. He talks about his all star game performance, earning MVP honors on Saturday night, and when he will arrive in Iowa City.

Q: Talk about earning the MVP honors this past weekend in the all star game.

WHITE: It was great to just go down there and play against good competition and come out with a win. It was a lot of fun.

Q: From what I read, you guys were down quite a bit early on in the game. What was the key to getting it turned around?

WHITE: We were down something like 29-2 to start the game. It wasn't pretty, but we just tried to win each five minute segment. We went into halftime down 22 points and we were just determined to try and get the win. It was a good game.

Q: You had a good group of players on your team, which won the game. What does it mean to you to be recognized as the best player on that team in the all star game?

WHITE: It means a lot. Five of the guys on our are going on to play in the Big Ten and all but one of the guys is going on to play at D1 schools. It means a lot to play well in the game and get the MVP honors.

Q: Did you hear from the Iowa coaches after the game?

WHITE: Yeah, Coach McCaffery called me when I was still in the locker room and we talked for a bit afterwards. Then I got a text from all of the other coaches.

Q: What did Coach McCaffery say?

WHITE: He just said he was really proud of me for going in there and representing well. He said he was really looking forward to me getting there.

Q: So the plan is for you to get to Iowa City in June?

WHITE: Yeah, I haven't gotten a firm date set yet, but it will be either the 7th or 21st. I started working out with a personal trainer a few weeks ago to try and get stronger and put on some weight.

Q: Are you anxious to get to Iowa City this summer and play in the summer league to show fans what you can do?

WHITE: Yeah I am. I am looking forward to playing in the league and playing with my teammates and other college guys. I just want to play and people can see what I can do on the floor.

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