February 24, 2013

Izzo: 'I made poor adjustments'

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo volunteered to take his share of the blame in the Spartans' problems with Ohio State guard Aaron Craft during Sunday's loss at Ohio State.

"In the second half he (Aaron Craft) tore us apart," Izzo said. "He beat us every way you could beat us.

"It was a joint effort. It wasn't one guy. We did not cover those ball screens very well and it definitely falls right on my shoulders.

"We had a game plan on what we wanted to do, we didn't execute it very well and I think I made poor adjustments. That whole thing is going to fall on me and I have to do a much better job this week in practice.

"It was truly six guys - five players and me, did a poor job."

Izzo's post-game press conference:

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